Conference and platform on social innovation & entrepreneurship

The Social Innovation Summit is an online platform and a international conference on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Both, the conference and the platform, aims to connect social innovators and changemakers all over the world and to deliver new insights in research and the daily live – independent if you´re a social entrepreneur, NGO, foundation or industry company.



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The #SIS conference

The leading conference on social innovation & entrepreneurship in Germany

Passionate about driving social impact? Get inspired by accomplished speakers, address social challenges and develop business ideas in hands-on workshops while building an effective network! The Social Innovation Summit is much more than just a conference. Our mission is to create awareness on social challenges and inspire people with diverse backgrounds to collaboratively drive innovative endeavors that benefit society in various ways.

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Upcoming events

European Social Economy Summit

In 2021 the #SIS will merge with the European Social Economy Summit (#EUSES), that takes place on 26th – 27th May 2021 in Mannheim.

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Social Economy Scientific Conference

The Social Economy Scientific Conference (#SES2020) a two-day digital event on 24th and 25th November 2020 on the future of social economy in Europe!

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Social Innovation Night

The Social Innovation Night is the official after-event of the European Social Economy Summit. It takes place on 27th May 2021 in Mannheim, Germany.

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2 Days

400 Attendees

80 Speaker

40 Sessions

Shaping the digital future.

The Social Innovation Summit #SIS19 was a two day international event on the 20th – 21st of September 2019 that addressed relevant topics in the context of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

This is not a usual conference about startups, corporates or the newest trends in tech. It is about using technologies, concepts, institutions and scalable solutions to create a better world. For 2 days more than 400 individuals/organizations with various backgrounds representing a variety of sectors and industries came together to think, discuss, collaborate and act on driving impactful innovation. 

An extract of past speakers

Bas van Abel

Stephan A. Jansen

Saskia Sassen

Joana Breidenbach

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Social innovation – Insights & knowledge

Discover the Social Innovation Summit 2019 and the focus topic „shaping the digital future“.

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