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The Team

Marika Baur
Cliff Prior
Cliff Prior

Our Mission

We want to create a common understanding of the concept of social innovation* and to connect various stakeholders** in order to collectively make the world a better place.

* We define social innovation as the development and proliferation of solutions to societal and environmental challenges (such as climate change, migration, digitalisation).

** Social entrepreneurs, businesses, foundations, investors, financial institutions, academics and politicians.

The Organization

The organization behind the #SIS18: Social Entrepreneurship BW (#SocEntBW)

We are a strong network whos members support each other in order to promote the concept of „social entrepreneurship“ in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. We all share the vision to create a purpose driven economy.

Our activitys include events, workshops, talks, networking and a lot more.

Website: socentbw.org
Facebook: facebook.com/socentbw