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Cliff Prior

Senior research fellow at University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Cliff Prior

Head of Social Corporate Responsibility at Microsoft Deutschland

Executive Director at Mozaik Foundation

Analyst at Laboratório de Investimento Social

Technology Evangelist at Humaniq

Founder and managing director at Agora42

Founder & CEO of Makers for Change

Urban Activist, Producer, Artist and Researcher

Director of Knowledge Centre and Policy Director of EVPA

Founder & Director of Social-Bee gGmbH

Program Director at Common Purpose

Chief Empowerment Officer at euforia

The Gentle Giant

Expert Circular Economy at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Associate Director for Making More Health at Boehringer Ingelheim

Cliff Prior

Founder & Owner of Dopper

Cliff Prior

Investment Analyst at BonVenture

Cliff Prior

Advisor & Co-Founder of SAHA! at Migrant Women Association Malta

Cliff Prior

Urban social innovation advisor and researcher at Kennisland

Cliff Prior

CEO at QualityMinds

Cliff Prior

Co-Initiator at Wepublic

Regional Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP

Co-Publisher at Transform Magazin

Cliff Prior

Member of board at SEND

Cliff Prior

Partner at BonVenture Group

Innovation catalyst, Social Entrepreneur

Head of Marketing & PR at Bürgerwerke eG

Cliff Prior

Project Manager at Bertelsmann Stiftung

Cliff Prior

Euphoric Business Enabler at euforia

Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CIO at HubRiver

Professor at Karlshochschule, Germany & Serial Entrepreneur

Founding Director of Humanistic Management Center

Cliff Prior

Co-Editor at Agora42 and Dean at European School of Governance

Cliff Prior

Social Business Development / CSR at AfB gGmbH

Cliff Prior

Founder Eliya Tea Project

Senior Consultant at Deloitte

Founder, Citizen Scientist at Büro für Gestaltung

Urban Activist, Initiator of Critical Mass Stuttgart

Ecovation Consulting

Leader Digital Technology at betterplace lab

Founder of BLYSS, Board member of Ecopreneur.eu

Global Partnership Lead at Impact Hub Network

Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship at World Economic Forum

System Change Enthusiast at Ashoka Germany

Secretary General Diplomatic Council (United Nations reg.)

Network Manager at BWcon

Co-Founder of N3XTCODER

Editor-in-chief of Transform Magazin

Founder & Director of SPONSORT

Project Manager at BMW Stiftung

Founder of DOPDA (Pranado gGmbH)

Cliff Prior

Project Director Impact Investing at Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Cliff Prior

Product Developer at SHIFT GmbH

Cliff Prior

European Projects & Research Coordinator at SIX

Cliff Prior

Executive Director at Talents4Good

Cliff Prior

Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Blockchain for Social Impact (ConsenSys)

Founder of Social Innovation Academy Uganda

Co-founder at L’Increvable

Coordinator Social Entrepreneurship at SEND

Cliff Prior

Leadership Team, Ashoka Europe & Germany

Cliff Prior

Director at Rock Your Company

Nonprofit Expert at goood mobile

Co-Founder of N3xtcoder

Ecodesign Engineer at TTI GmbH

Site Manager at Social Impact Lab Stuttgart

Executive Director at Raspberry Pi | Co-founder of Code Club

Founder of Early Bird Coffee

Co-Founder and Head of Infinity Deutschland

Cliff Prior

Project Manager at BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Cliff Prior

Editor-in-Chief at Good Impact

Founder at World Citizen School

Co-founder goood mobile

Expert EU Circular Economy Policy at Ecopreneur

Founding member of SEND