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Here you can see an overview of the structure of the #SIS18 program. You can find the detailed program at our Sched.com website.

Visit Sched.com for the detailed program

Please be aware that the program is not complete yet and is subject to change. The program is preliminary and will be updated continually.



Top-Speakers from business, politics, academics and civic society give inspirational insights into their fields of work. Learn about Social Innovation and related topics like ‚Impact Investing, ‚Collective Impact’ or ‚Impact Measurement’ and find out about the latest challenges.


What is critical in terms of bringing key player in our society together to join forces on social challenges? Can systems – underpinning issues of our time – be changed, and how? What role does impact investing play in driving social innovation? Those a are questions our panelist – experts in their respective fields – will critically discuss.


Focused workshops, discussion rounds and quick talks on current social challenges and social business issues presented and moderated by experts from the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, arts, culture, welfare, business and civic society.

Sustainable Living Spaces

This track provides insights into problematic areas and solutions in the context of ‚Sustainable Living’. The central question is: how can we use and shape our living spaces to enable people, animals and the environment to have a long-term ‚good life’?

 #SocialCohesion #GoodLife #CommunityArts #integration

IT 4 Change

Technology promises progress – but with what goal? The subject of this track addresses the question: what can information technology contribute within the context of social innovation – and what are its limits?

#IT #Blockchain #Coding #OpenSource #Democracy

Environment & Pollution

Climate and environment are drastically changing. Humans, animals and nature suffer from plastic waste, air pollution and natural disasters. What can we do against climate change and what scalable approaches are already available to fight and prevent environmental pollution?

#Climate #Pollution #RenewableEnergy #Recycling #Upcycling

Corporate Social Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility is often condemned as being an instrument for increasing a company’s reputation. However corporations can act as a driving force of social innovation. What is responsible management and how do corporations measure their social impact?

#CSR #SocialIntrapreneurship #CorporateSocialInnovation #ImpactMeasurement

Social Innovation Framework

Social innovation needs space for ideas, courageous actors and diverse resources. The subject of this track is the question: What is still missing and how can we collaborate in order to create a solid infrastructure for social innovation?

#ImpactInvesting #ProBono #Lab #Hub #InnovationSpace #Incubation #Acceleration #Ecosystems

Production & Consumption

Our everyday live is coined by products of a throwaway society manufactured under questionable conditions with broad social and environmental implications. This track takes on the challenge of how sustainable products ought to be designed and how responsible consumption can be achieved.

#fairtrade #durability, #Repairability, #ProductDesign #C2C



Exklusive Workshops am Rande des SIS18 bieten Akteuren aus Wohlfahrt, Politik, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft einen geschützten Raum, sich über vier zentrale Problembereiche im Kontext Soziale Innovation zu informieren und auszutauschen, voneinander zu lernen und Allianzen zu bilden, kollektive Wirkung zu entfalten.

Social Impact Bonds

Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) sind sektorenübergreifende Kooperationen wirkungsorientierter Investitionen. Beteiligt an einem SIB sind in der Regel ein oder mehrere soziale Dienstleister, private, wirkungsorientierte Investoren und der Staat.

In einem geschlossenen Kreis ausgewählter sozialer Träger, Investoren und Stiftungen haben Sie Gelegenheit, das Konzept Social Impact Bonds kennenzulernen, deren Anwendung zu hinterfragen und sich im Anschluss moderiert zu konkreten Ideen unverbindlich auszutauschen.

SocEnt in BW

Baden-Württemberg – ein Vorbild für verantwortungsvolles Wirtschaften? Im Rahmen des exklusiven Workshops haben Unternehmern und Unternehmerinnen aus der Region die Möglichkeit, sich auszutauschen, Synergien zu nutzen und voneinander zu lernen.

Über den Workshop hinausreichende Kollaborationen können durch das Netzwerk #SocEntBW gefördert und begleitet werden.

Collective Impact

Soziale Innovation geht uns alle an. Daher arbeiten bereits zahlreiche Akteure aus Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft an Lösungen für soziale und ökologische Herausforderungen. Doch die Verbreitung guter Konzepte scheitert oft an mangelnden Ressourcen, fehlendem Verständnis von Stakeholdern oder Unwissen über bereits erprobte Ansätze.

Beim Collective Impact Workshop geht es darum, Barrieren der transsektoralen Zusammenarbeit zu erkennen, Skalierungspotenziale der Teilnehmenden zu identifizieren und Kollaborationen zu starten.


We have some special features at the #SIS18 for our attendees: Our „#SIS18 Specials“.

Opening with Dundu

No words just feelings… The nearly 5 meter high puppets of „Dundu – The Gentle Giant of Light & Love“ will open the event and send you on a dream trip.

Chill out café with reading bar

Need a coffee? We have you covered! We have a specially prepared area to chill out, drink a coffee or read one of the magazines of our media partners.


Wellbeing? Our Partner DOPDA presents the „DOPDA.Space“ for movement and relaxation. The space will offer you a well dosed mix of exercises (derived from martial arts and yoga) and meditation for your wellbeing.

Philosophical fireside talk

Is social entrepreneurship a symptom of or the solution to all our problems? Together with our partner Agora42 we will present you a critical philosophical meta-discussion about social entrepreneurship’s role in our society.

Local #SocEnt fair

We, #SocEntBW, the organizers of the #SIS18, are local social entrepreneurship network in Germany. You will get the chance to get to know us, because some of our #SocEnts will present themselves at our „local #SocEnt fair“.

Arthelps Exhibition

Helping with and through art. The team of Arthelps will provide inspiring insights into their work –  showing the role of arts to drive social impact –  with an exhibition at #SIS18



Elevator Pitch beim Social Innovation Summit 2018

Am 10. März 2018 findet mit dem „Special Cup Social Impact“ der siebte Vorentscheid der fünften Wettbewerbsrunde des Start-up BW Elevator Pitches statt. Zur Teilnahme aufgerufen sind Gründerinnen, Gründer und Gründungsteams mit Ideen im Bereich Social Entrepreneurship. Der Special Cup Social Impact findet im Rahmen des Social Innovation Summits 2018 statt und wird von den Partnern Social Impact Lab Stuttgart und dem SocEnt BW e.V. unterstützt.

Interessierte Social Startups können sich auf startupbw.de anmelden.

Zeitraum: 15:30 – 19:30

Zuschauer für den Start-up BW Elevator Pitch Special Cup SOCIAL IMPACT können sich hier registrieren.